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Black History Month is not just about the past. Malik Vitthal and 180LA’s latest film celebrates the life and work of inspiring University of Phoenix alumni.

Wake Up Call

Haunted by your taxes? Jonathan Herman’s latest spot for H&R Block may be the solution.

Netflix Original Worldwide Release

We are excited to announce that Malik Vitthal’s feature IMPERIAL DREAMS will see it’s Netflix Original worldwide release on Friday February 3rd. 

A gangster fairytale, set in Watts, Los Angeles featuring John Boyega. Prepare to be moved.

It’s a miracle!

James Rouse and Y&R have brought back one Xerox’s most iconic Super Bowl Ad’s into modern times, ramping up the story of Brother Dominic and his miraculous endeavors.


Life’s roads aren’t always a clear path, but with hard work and dedication we can strive to make our own. That’s the beauty of this film by Peter Thwaites for University of Phoenix  and 180 LA, retelling the story of one of the University’s graduates Carlos Ramirez. 

Boost Your Voice

Malik Vitthal teamed with 180LA and Boost mobile, who this election turned some of their stores into polling stations in underserved communities. This film continues the campaign, and the cause to Help Every American Be Heard.

Ginger Deer

Just in time for the holidays, Peter Thwaites, BBDO and Lowe’s have reunited to bring you this festive film about a gingerbread character, accidentally baked with a pair of antlers. The film follows his rejection from the gingerbread community and his adventures that bring to his final acceptance, reminding us to be nice to people who are different… Even if they are a cookie.


Looking good. Feeling good. Jonathan Herman and Anomaly’s latest spot for Kohl’s, owning the everyday runway!


It is with great excitement that we welcome PETER MARTIN to the shop.  

Peter Martin are in fact two people –  Peter Livolsi and Martin Dix. Peter graduated from the American Film Institute, as a Sundance Lab Alumni, Tribeca Film grant recipient and with a Student Emmy,  as meanwhile Martin had a proper job working as a respected creative at agencies such as Deutsch and TBWA/Chiat. 

They met at a party, discovered a shared passion for the same kind of movies and filmmakers, and have been directing commercials together ever since. Gaining initial recognition for their talents with inclusion in SHOOT’s New Director Showcase, The One Show, Cannes Lions, The London International awards and others.

Their sense of comedy and fun shines through their work, along with their strong visual aesthetic and love of cinema. 

We are delighted to be working with Peter and Martin, who together are… Peter Martin.


Dr. Foots

Malik Vitthal’s new spot draws us into Dr. Foots mind, soul and community as he explores his passion and inspiration behind his custom jewelry. 

Everyday is a runway…

….So own it ladies when you shop at Kohl’s. Jonathan Herman and Anomaly show us the good stuff.


It’s in the Coyote’s nature to protect, as Wilfrid Brimo’s cinematic new spot for Coyote driving assistant systems for Les Gros Mots Paris illustrates.

Luxury Problems

James Rouse and AMV BBDO highlight a luxury problem that could arise if you play Euromillions, and of course win!

I’m Sorry.

… I wrecked the Subaru. Thwaites and Carmichael Lynch’s latest spot uses Subaru vehicles that were in real crashes to reenact accidents representative of real-life scenarios – where the drivers survived. 


Jonathan Herman and McGarry Bowen Chicago take us on journey through time for


The magic, or rather tragic touch.

The Boy Who Breaks Everything is Thwaite’s latest tale made with our friends at Carmichael Lynch.

Good Times

To celebrate the good times, James Rouse and Leo Burnett London made this fun ad for McDonalds…we suspect all these people are having this much fun because of those delicious fries!  

House Love

Thwaites and our friends at BBDO NY have crafted a 3 minute film about love through the ages. The romance blossoms not only between boy and girl but also their respective houses. #Makeyourhomehappy

Start with Healthy

Ellen Kuras and BBDO NYC present  a touch of comedic finesse, beautifully shot by Kuras herself for health care provider Humana. Great things are ahead, so look after your health!

Hey Dad…

James Rouse with BBH London shines a light on a serious topic with a little bit of playful role reversal as it takes the awkward father-son conversation about the changes to your body and turns it on its head in this new spot for Prostate Cancer awareness.

Live young…

…and surf like a baby! James Rouse crafted this fun and absolutely adorable spot for Evian with BETC Paris, highlighting the youthful properties of this amazing water

Home is in the air…

…and Jonathan Herman’s new beautifully crafted film with Droga5 for Air Wick delights with big rooms, tiny rooms and amazingly opulent rooms, all fragranced to perfection!

This is serious…

It’s Danepac serious! With a serious message about their resealable pack, directed in all seriousness by James Rouse for Isobel Agency in London.

Introducing: Malik Vitthal

We are proud to introduce you to our new director Malik Vitthal. His first feature film, “Imperial Dreams” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the coveted Audience Award. “Imperial Dreams”, both written and directed by VITTHAL, is set for a full theatrical release this fall.

Inspired by a real life story, the film was set and shot in Watts, Los Angeles. This gritty yet ultimately uplifting urban drama film is helmed by Star Wars actor John Boyega, who plays a young man returning home to his 4 year old son after 24 months of incarceration in a struggle to leave his former life behind and become a novelist.

Malik’s work has a fresh and modern voice, and his film is a testament to his talents as a storyteller. We are extremely excited to work with him in the world of commercials.

Real people, Real lives, Real education

Peter Thwaites and 180 LA created this beautiful film for University of Phoenix, bringing a sense of reality and awareness to the struggles individuals go through as they seek to better not only their own lives but of the ones they love as well. 

Cut the clichés this Valentines Day

Who better than our resident Frenchman Wilfrid Brimo and Havas London to remind us to skip the Valentine’s cliché and get right to the point in this new ad for Durex. 

Higher Love

In this long form spot for Hershey’s, Peter Thwaites and Arnold tell us the story of Scarlett and her busy Dad.


James Rouse and Karmarama present a campaign for Army Jobs with ‘Become A Better You’.

What the future holds…

Samsung and BBH Singapore commissioned our very own Wilfrid Brimo to take a look at their past and instill wonder for what the future holds.

I Can….

This new collaboration between Ogilvy and Grey NYC and Peter Thwaites poetically illustrates how IBM Watson pushes the boundaries of human abilities.

Fit for a King

What do you gift a man who has everything?

A very special whiskey, that’s what! Thwaites and Grey NY present this luscious film for Crown Royal.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Meet Mog, the cat that almost ruined Christmas. This lovely film from James Rouse and AMV BBDO for Sainsbury’s brings to life Judith Kerr’s adorable but calamitous cat Mog.


The power of music takes our protagonist back through memory lane, thinking about past girlfriends. From Thwaites with BBDO for Bose.

Grandma’s Big Secret.

Jonathan Herman and Deutsch LA teamed up for this Pizza Hut production. Watch out for this sneaky Grandma’s famous brownies….


James Rouse and adam&eve bestow upon us the Miracle of Mulberry this Christmas.

Crash Test

When you don’t think of them as dummies, something amazing happens.

Thwaites’ latest work for Acura from Mullen Lowe is beautifully compelling. The crash test dummies are eerily unexpected and demonstrate the brands commitment to safety.

Invisible Women

When you live on the streets, the greatest danger is to be a woman.

This is Wilfrid Brimo’s powerful and moving trailer to support the documentary, ‘Invisible Women’, about the lives and situations of homeless women.

Work it.

You’ve downsized, streamlined, simplified, dropped the dead weight…. but now what’s left to cut? For all businesses who have indeed asked this question, you need Workday.

Thwaites’ fun spot made with 215 McCann for Workday shows companies how to grow.

Security Alert!

What if you were a business owner, and what if your company’s data was not secure, and what if that was all you could think about….???

Well, Jonathan Herman’s latest spot with BBDO takes you on that inner thought into the nightmare it could become. But don’t worry, with ATT there IS a happy ending.


Everyone knows how hard it is to assemble even the most simple shelving unit. So imagine this poor father’s struggle to construct a massive swing set.

This is not this father’s finest house, but another fine minute and a bit for James Rouse with this wonderfully comedic painful spot for Allstate with our friends at Leo Burnett.

What beautiful Begonias!

James Rouse scores for Best 30 second TV Commercial at the British Arrows with this wonderfully directed spot for Currys /PC World.

Like most of Rouse’s work, the subtle comedy gets better with every viewing.


The Internet can be used to spread either happiness or hate.

For the Super Bowl 2015, Thwaites and our friends from W+K Portland and Coca-Cola made this film to show how the internet could be a happier place.


…another teaser.



Teaser – Super Bowl XLIX. Thwaites, W&K Portland and Coca Cola.


Look what we got for Christmas!!!!

We got ourselves a Jonathan Herman.

With a cluster of awards including Cannes gold’s for his Dutch Lottery spot, Grand Prix at Eurobest for his poignant l’Equipe French sports newspaper spot, he also has been named best director in Paris at the Hit d’Or advertising awards and received the same honors in Amsterdam at the annual gathering of the Dutch Art Directors club. Nice!

With his flare for comedic storytelling and strong visual narrative that can work with sandwiches or even the indomitable Mickey Rouke, we are proud to represent him in the USA.

Remember, directors are for life… Not just Christmas. We are so happy to be working with the Herman!

No Cars Were Harmed in The Making of this Film.

In this spot by our Wilfrid and Grey NY we see the emergency services dealing with the aftermath of an accident…
But hold, there’s no car.
That’s because thanks to Volvo’s new accident avoidance system…and a little Wilfrid movie magic, there was no accident.

Trip the light fantastic with Thwaites…

In this hypnotic film written by adam&eveDDB, The Thwaites takes us on a magical journey into the world of the Sony Xperia Z3. Filmed in the Argentine Andes using snowboarders covered in LED lights as they descend a wooded mountain at night.

The result is a visual poem of light that heightens the senses with a stellar cover of the song “Night Call” by London Grammar.


BRA CAM ‘Check Yourself Out’.

Ellen Kuras with McCann Paris have made this film to inspire and unite women in the fight against breast cancer.

Using bra-cam technology (a camera hidden in a bra), this film records the amount of ‘checks’ our actress receives throughout her day. Highlighting how many times a day women have their breasts ‘checked’ and asking them when was the last time they checked their own?

It is an important, fun and attention grabbing way of reminding women that checking their breasts regularly helps prevent breast cancer!

It’s All About James Rouse!

Fresh from winning a Grand Prix in Cannes for Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry, I spent it on myself’, (as well as a Gold Lion for Marmite and 3 Bronze Lions for his VW Campaign), Rouse has joined The Corner Shop in the USA.

Rouse made his directorial debut in 2003 with the much-awarded campaign for Trojan Condoms at the Viral Factory. Since then Rouse has been perfecting his craft with continued success through Outsider in the UK, and 2013 saw him named The Top Director of the year by Campaign and The British Arrows, with his Marmite ‘Rescue’ spot winning commercial of the year.
Not bad for a man who trained in Hotel Management!

This year also saw the critically acclaimed release of his first feature film, ‘Downhill’. A British comedy in the vane of ‘Sideways’ and ‘Withnail and I’.

We are overjoyed to represent James Rouse in the USA!

Bonjour! It is with much excitement that we introduce you to our new director – WlLFRID BRIMO.

Brimo’s first commercial for The World Athletics Championships was awarded a Silver Lion at Cannes in 2003, and he has continued master his craft and win more accolades along the way. A teenage graffiti artist, who became a graphic designer, then photographer who transitioned from animation to live action. His reel demonstrates his versatility from humour to drama and we are proud to represent him now in the USA!

Nissan ‘The Ark’

Who said you should never work with children and animals? Well, Peter Thwaites’ latest spot features both in a modern re-telling of Noah’s Ark. A little girl and her father rescue host of different animals from the rain in their Nissan Pathfinder.

Playstation ‘Experience More Together’

Here is our latest spot by Thwaites, scripted by our friends at BBH NYC.
‘Experience more together’ sees four gamers hauled through different environments as they face a variety of epic challenges.

Chobani ‘Zach’

Ellen Kuras and the Hockey great, Zach Parise team up to show us the preparation to be an Olympian.

Ellen Kuras Joins The Corner Shop!

We are proud to announce that Oscar nominated and Emmy award winner – Ellen Kuras joins The Corner Shop!

Kuras is one of the most talented and respected cinematographers in the film and advertising industry. Her transition into directing has swiftly led to international acclaim. Her first feature documentary ‘The Betrayal’ (Nerakhoon), which she directed and shot received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary, an Independent Spirit Award nomination and won the Primetime Emmy for Best Documentary in 2010.

She has directed commercials for Nike, AT&T, Delta and Honda amongst others. As a cinematographer she has collaborated with Martin Scorsese, Spike Lee, Jim Jarmusch, Dave Chappelle, Sam Mendes and Michel Gondry, on the visual masterpiece ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.